As weird as it may sound, FRIDAYBYSIX was never meant to be anything at all. We met in our first year in residence, all the way back in 2017 at the University of Toronto. Being students, we got up to the usual hijinks but something that got us excited was creating absolutely terrible joke raps and videos to go along with it (think "The Lonely Island"). It really was bad but we had an absolute blast just creating. We were so invested in this that we started to design and create  merchandise to wear in our videos partly as a joke and partly because we wanted to wear something that was more authentically us. Our friends and the folks over at University College were the ones to see our first creation, "The 10k Boyz" hoodie and ask where they could also buy one which would result in our first couple of sales. We didn't even have plans for a brand at that point, let alone even dream of selling the amount we've been fortunate enough to ever since.


2020 was the first year we had both the time and vision to consider this to be something that had the potential to be more. We wanted a brand that embodied the idea of what it’s like to be in this city from our eyes. For us, the peak of that is Friday evenings with people we love being with and taking in this entire city as the sun begins to set. As a community driven brand, it’s important for us to put the Toronto community front and centre which is why everything we create pays homage to one aspect of Toronto or another using classic streetwear aesthetic and pop culture humour.  We were resolute from the beginning to use proceeds from all sales to different causes  that were close to our hearts carried out by organizations such as "The Covenant House",  "Sleeping Children Around The World", "The Stop", "Red Door Family Shelter" to name just a few. We are fortunate to have been in the position to donate to these organizations and even had the honour of having our merchandise be auctioned for wonderful causes!


We put a lot of thought into our creations that start from our kitchen table or the couch in front of the Xbox all the way into actual products and we are so excited to share them with you. Do enjoy and join us on this wild trip called FRIDAYBYSIX.



Giving back in any way we can.


​​These are some of the causes and organizations that are very close to our hearts. We have been incredibly lucky to have been able to make donations from our profits in the past and we will certainly continue to do so moving forward. If you have a minute, do check out the wonderful work they do in the Toronto community and beyond! 

The Covenant House Toronto Sleeping Children Around The WorldRed Door Family ShelterThe StopMargaret's