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Hello Spring!

Hope everyone’s been having a wonderful weekend so far and enjoying the AMAZING weather ☀️ Spring is one of our favourite seasons just because of how bright everything gets and especially, this year, winter felt like it was darker than usual. With the vaccines rolling out and with the hope of life getting back to normal, it’s hard to not be excited now especially as we see more and more people out and about!

For us, we wanted to translate all of this into our designs which is not the easiest thing in the world. To be honest, neither of us draw and we’ve learned Adobe on the go so it’s always a little bit of a challenge but thank god for all the resources out there now. The main theme behind the entire spring collection we’ve designed so far has been life. We want people to enjoy the simple things and we want to showcase the beauty of spring while also having a little fun at the same time. As always, we’re inspired by what’s happening around us in the city and we are pretty excited for you to see the design influences that Toronto has had on this collection. We are about 80% done with designing so far and we have some new products this time around as well just in time for the warmer weather. Of course, if any of you have any designs that you’d like to see, reach out - we’ve already had some pitches for the second volume of the Doug Ford Collection that we’re sure to revisit later in the year.

We’re pretty excited to put this collection out there. It’s always hard to assess demand but we believe in the work we do and it’s been a crazy experience to see people wear the stuff that we designed. Before we release the spring collection though, we have to make sure we have our logistics figured out because we definitely don’t want the type of delays from the last collection to happen again so we’ve been in constant contact with our local supplier. Once the designs and logistics are confirmed, we should be good to go so keep an eye out at around end of March, beginning of April!

In the meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy the weather!

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