10 Reasons why
you haven't bought from uS...(YET)


1. I don't know who you guys are so I really rather not buy from you.

Honestly, that's fair. We would like to introduce ourselves. We're Addie and Chris and we're just two run of the mill students who decided to set up a shop to sell designs that we found cool and would want to wear ourselves. We create our designs at the dinner table so rest assured, there is no big corporate or political agenda behind us.  We are involved at every step so buying from us is like buying a Tesla from Elon Musk directly and if you are not satisfied, we fix it. Simple as that.

2. I like the stuff but what if my information isn't secure on this site?

None of your information is stored locally and your name, contact information and address is only used for payments and shipping purposes. For all our payments, we use leading payment processor, Stripe, in conjunction with Wix's own payment solutions. Their stringent security measures are available at this link: www.stripe.com/docs/security/strip and here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/security-of-wixs-billing-services-and-pci-compliance. As it states, we do not have access to your credit card information so rest assured you're in good hands! Through Stripe and Wix, we have been able to support Visa, MasterCard, and recently, Amex and Apple Pay as well. We're also extremely thrilled to be a part of Amex's Shop Small campaign which emphasizes small businesses in the community and rewards cardholders with extra perks.

3. Are you really a Canadian company?

Yes, we are! Based in the heart of downtown Toronto actually, right by SickKids.

4. Why is my order coming from the United States if you're a local Canadian company?

We fulfill orders using a mix of our local supplier and a print on demand service based in the States. How we assess which route to go down depends on the volume of orders in a week and how cost effective we can make the process. We carry very minimal inventory so our entire operation tends to be very lean. It is hard for local suppliers to dedicate time to print or embroider one offs without it incurring a huge cost so a print on demand solution is how we keep it economically viable for us. Rest assured that the benefits still go to the Canadian causes we care about and that there will not be extra charge or duties involved.

5. I hate hidden fees - how can I be sure there are no other charges?

We've shipped over 600 pieces of merchandise so far and we have not once run into any situation where we have had to charge customers anything more than they have paid. Customs and duties do not have to be paid on any purchase no matter where it comes from and if you are being told otherwise, let us know and we will take care of it.

6. Why don't you have a storefront?

Honestly - we're not there yet. Stores are expensive and an e-commerce business is far more sustainable for us in terms of capital and time. If we get to that point, we will have a massive party and all our early supporters are invited.

 7. Last time I ordered, it took too much time. Will it happen again?

When we first started, logistics were the last thing on our mind. Since then, we've learned just how important that is to a business and how it can make or break your experience. We use multiple shipping partners(DHL, Purolator, UPS etc.) to get your order to you and sometimes, we hop in a rented car ourselves to make sure we can have your order there in a timely manner. We're hoping the print on demand solution expedites turnaround and allows your order to arrive faster. That being said, there are some situations where it is out of our hands and we are dependent solely on the shipping service which admittedly had led to disappointment before. In those cases, we do our best to bear the hold music and see what we can do to expedite the shipping process whether that be paying extra for faster service or get a replacement sent out to you at no extra cost to you.

8. Who creates your designs?

We create our own designs! In our free time, we are always looking at fresh designs and seeing what everyone is up to. We draw inspiration from a lot of brands like Stussy for example which helps us bring new perspective into collections. At the end of the day, we're big fans of minimalist designs but we like to experiment as well. A lot of thought goes into each design and we're so proud of everything we've done so far!

9. Why should I buy from you guys when I can just get a hoodie from Nike, for example?

We don't kid ourselves - we know we are most likely not your first choice to get fresh threads. You probably have an amazing collection already but let's say you're now looking to get a third or fourth hoodie. Instead of falling to the same couple of companies, get something that screams personality (in a subtle way, of course) and give us a chance to let our product speak for itself. When you put in an order with us, the first thing that happens isn't a factory starting up to push out mediocre hoodies. The first thing that happens is us fist bumping and running around the apartment with the excitement that only comes with the knowledge that someone chose to buy something that you spent so much time and effort bringing to life. It's amazing, everytime.


10. What if I don't like what I got from you guys?

It happens. We shop online too - we get it! If you are unhappy with your order, get in touch with us at fridaybysix@gmail.com and let us know what you don't like about it. We will then work with you to find a solution you are happy with and also make sure that we are taking notes to improve on for the future. Case in point: We were once told our Doug Ford Collection tees were way too rough and didn't make for suitable presents. When we were making those tees, we didn't even think about it because we were used to rougher and sturdier tees in line with streetwear. Keeping that in mind, however, we experimented with different tees until we found one that was much softer than what we were using at the time while keeping it still 100% cotton. We found our customers to be much happier after that with many commenting on the softness of the tee. That's one of the many experiences that's given us the feedback to take this brand in a better direction and we will continue to work with you to be better.